Hours & Appointments

No appointment is necessary if it is not Shabbat or Yom Tov.

Friday night appointments must be made by 8:00 PM Thursday night.  Appointments may be made on-line, by leaving a message at 732-249-2411 or by calling / texting Adrienne at 732-221-8155.  You will be contacted with the time of the appointment before Friday noon. Please note that women who require a Friday night escort must make this request one day earlier, by 8:00 PM Wednesday night. Note: When using Credit Card / PayPal online, there is an additional $1 convenience fee.

Go to our appointment page if you would like to

  • Pre-pay a weekday appointment with a credit card
  • Make a Friday night/Yom appointment
  • Make an appointment for the Jacuzzi.

If you require special arrangements (such as early or late appointments) or would like to schedule a kallah appointment, please leave a message at 732-249-2411.

To ensure the privacy of our mikvah users, we respectfully request that men do not park or wait within the mikvah vicinity.

Shomeret on duty is listed on the website calendar.  Subject to change.