FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About the Park Mikvah Renovation)

Q: Who is running the Mikvah renovation project and making the decisions?
A: There is a vibrant Mikvah Board comprised of a group of devoted women who manage the daily affairs of the Mikvah.  The Mikvah is under the auspices of the Vaad Harabonim of Raritan Valley which is responsible for all Halachic decisions.  A community survey was conducted while formulating the project. The Mikvah Board and the Vaad partnered to address the need, scope and design of this undertaking.   The committee has also received advice and direction from Mikvah USA, an organization that promotes the building and renovation of Mikva’os and has much experience in this area.

Q: Why is the Mikvah closed during renovation? Couldn’t the renovation been accomplished piecemeal to allow the Mikvah to remain open during the bulk of the renovation period?
A: A renovation of this magnitude cannot be done in stages. The Mikvah is being gutted to its studs and all electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems are being replaced. Though the Mikvah will be extraordinarily beautiful when it is complete, the purpose of this renovation was also to guarantee the ongoing operations of the Mikvah as the structure and systems were outdated, maintenance costs were high, and there was always the possibility that something would break beyond repair.

Q: Why wasn’t a “Shabbos” Mikvah, located closer to the center of town, made a priority?
A: Our survey indicated that repair of the current Mikvah was the primary concern of most of the community’s women. The Mikvah has been at its current location for decades and members of the community chose their homes knowing where the current Mikvah is located. The construction of a Shabbos Mikvah closer to the center of town is being considered seriously in order to become a reality at a later date.

Q: The Mikvah closure will not allow me to go to the Mikvah on Friday night when necessary. Has this been considered?
A: Please call your Rov with questions about Friday Tevila as these questions cannot be addressed in a public forum.

Q: I find it difficult to go all the way to East Brunswick for the Mikvah.  Has anyone considered how inconvenient this is for the women in the community?
A: We’ve considered it and debated it and understand it. There was no choice as the current Mikvah structure was not sustainable for the long term and the community was not in the position to buy another property, build another large Mikvah and then close or renovate the current one as a second facility. This was considered and rejected due to the astronomical cost of such an initiative, and in consideration of other community priorities like Yeshivos and Shuls.

Q: When will the Mikvah definitely be done? Construction always takes longer than promised.
A: Every effort is being made to complete the Mikvah on time. The design is 100% complete. All material has been selected and ordered. However, as with all construction projects, we don’t know what we don’t know and we don’t control the weather.

Q: What should I do if I still have questions or concerns?
A: Please reach out to us by clicking on the ‘contact us’ tab or email hpmikvah@gmail.com. We invite your input and suggestions, and will try to respond to your questions in a timely fashion. Additionally, please contact your Rov for Halachah-related questions.

Q: How can I participate in this most important campaign?
A: Donations can be made here or by check and mailed to 36 Skyview Ave., Highland Park, NJ 08904. To join as a Mikvah volunteer, contact us by sending an email to hpmikvah@gmail.com.